adidas PRIMEGREEN | Play With Purpose

adidas PRIMEGREEN | Play With Purpose

Helping to end plastic waste...

adidas is on a mission, to find a solution to the reliance on virgin polyester, therefore reducing the impact on the environment. Primegreen is one of them, made from recycled ingredients, Primegreen is a series of high-performance materials that are changing how they make their products, giving you a more sustainable choice.

Each item from the Primegreen range is made with a minimum of 40 percent recycled content to help end plastic waste. The jump in recycled fabrics this season brings Adidas closer to the goal of using 100 percent recycled polyester in all of their products by 2024.

We've selected some of our favourite men's and women's primegreen pieces from this season below so you can play with purpose and help to end plastic waste.