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Annabel Dimmock – “All Things Apparel”

Annabel Dimmock – “All Things Apparel”

Guest written by Annabel Dimmock - Part Five of Six

Last time I spoke all about shoes…. Now it’s time to talk the rest of the outfit! A lot of my style comes from inspiration around me. Whether that’s on social media, the other girls on tour, or inspiration from other sports. I like to dress sporty, and the range adidas has allows me to do just that. I love the way they have classic pieces such as polo shirts but give them a modern styling, so they still look fresh and new. Nobody wants to feel like a school child when they put a polo shirt on!
My favourite (and I guess you could call my go-to) outfit is always the summer dresses. They’re feminine, sporty, super stretchy and they have pockets!! Pockets are an essential for a golfer so that’s always a winner! There’s a nice mix of racerback styles, short and long sleeves, collared and collarless, all in a range of seasonal colours. The dresses are so easy to wear across the year and easily paired with a range of footwear, which as I mentioned in the last blog is absolutely crucial!

Another staple throughout my wardrobe is the golf leggings. These are perfect for those days when I’m heading to the gym before the round or taking the dog for a walk afterwards. They’re so versatile as well as being practical for playing golf in. Again, they have pockets! Similarly, the golf joggers adidas have introduced in recent years really bring a new modern style to the course. They certainly turn heads out on the course and they’re super comfy. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, then the joggers are a real winner.