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Annabel Dimmock - Training and Fitness

Annabel Dimmock - Training and Fitness

Tips for the gym and warm-up

Guest written by Annabel Dimmock - Part Three of Six

When it comes to being a professional golfer, I have to do more than just hit golf balls. An often-misunderstood part of a golfer’s game is the strength and conditioning that help the body perform at an elite level. Our bodies need to handle the rigours of four tournament days, practice days, range sessions, as well as the toll of travel. Gone are the days of ignoring the gym!
We have seen over recent years, more and more players put a focus on gym work. Tiger changed the game with this, and we are now seeing the likes of Bryson DeChambeau taking it to a new level as well as nearly every golfer posting gym pictures throughout the week, me included!
When it comes to my game, I’m not looking to replicate Bryson in my workouts, but I put a strong focus on developing the key muscles used in the golf swing. Squats and deadlifts really help to create a stable base to explode from, adding distance to drives and utilising the ground to generate force. Core work ensures my posture stays the duration through a tournament week, the last thing I want is a tired body coming down the stretch on a Sunday. Cardio fitness is incredibly important to help fight off fatigue and to keep the mind fresh late into the week. It’s also a huge stress reliever and helps blow off steam after a busy week. It’s amazing what going for a run can do for the mind, it’s like an active meditation! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, flexibility.

We’ve all been there, stood on the first tee on a Saturday morning swinging a couple of clubs the try and loosen up. The golf swing is an incredibly complex movement, requiring a twisting of the spine, and if you struggle with flexibility then your swing will suffer. I bet most of us have felt our swing get easier once we are four or five holes into a round because we’ve finally loosened up?! I recommend everyone finds 10-15 minutes before leaving for the course to do some stretching or a short yoga workout. Your game will thank you for it!
I’d advise all golfers, regardless of ability, to add a small amount of gym work to their routine. Whether it’s a yoga flow, some bodyweight squats, or a bit of running over the week, you’ll soon start to notice the difference on the course!