Galvin Green Carbon Series


For decades, Galvin Green and W. L. Gore have been working closely together and sharing a common ­mission – to provide golfers with the best waterproof equipment possible. The partnership has progressed to the point where the two companies are constantly pushing each other to take high-­performance weatherwear to the next level.

“Choosing to work with Galvin Green is easy, because we share the same fundamental view about ­quality  and what it means to the end user – so ‘Never compromise’ is a common denominator between the two companies,” said Per Borgillen, Fabrics division/COF garments at W. L. Gore & Associates Scandinavia.

With an ambition to lead the market in rain gear for golf, Galvin Green has chosen to work with the best active waterproof technology available. In its opinion, GORE-TEX is the best and has always been. Based on the unique properties offered by the GORE-TEX membrane, Galvin Green meticulously transforms the GORE-TEX technology into design concepts that aim to give golfers the ability to perform in the most extreme weather conditions, without feeling restricted in any way.


“Gaining access to professional golfers worldwide through Galvin Green’s diligent processes of documenting and cross-checking, provides us with rigorous feedback that we use in our engineering of technologies,” explained Per. “Having such a close partner who works on continuous improvements, allows Gore to develop ‘fitness for use’ technologies that can benefit all serious golfers.”

There is a constant exchange of information between the two companies designed to challenge existing concepts and develop new ideas that evolve and make better products. A consequence of Galvin Green’s quest to push the boundaries in golf wear, is that GORE-TEX technologies that were originally developed for completely different applications are being moved into the golf segment. As a result, Galvin Green is often the first company in the golfing world to gain access to and introduce products featuring the latest Gore technologies.


So, why is GORE-TEX a superior choice of rainwear ­technology? According to Per Borgillen, it comes down to 40 years of continuous product development in various extremely demanding applications – from life sciences to heavy industry, military, aerospace, polar expeditions and many more. Over that time, Gore has refined and calibrated its GORE-TEX waterproof technologies and applied the same principles to other materials most suitable for golfers.

When it comes to waterproof outfits, there will be a proven technology made available that delivers on the GORE-TEX brand promise – Guaranteed to keep you dry™ – which remains valid throughout the life of the garment. To attach this brand promise to products, they have to undergo rigorous quality control analysis at the Gore test facility based on the Gore Quality Standard set for golf. And they also have to meet the exacting standards of Galvin Green, based on experience gained from how garments perform in different conditions around the world. Combining these two high standards ensures that the final product becomes even better.


During the final stages of the quality control process a prototype is produced by Galvin Green and sent to the Gore lab for ‘style approval’. On arrival, it’s washed down completely to remove all surface treatment before being exposed in the rain tower. Here a routine replicating incessant rain tests the waterproofness of the construction and the wicking of the lining. The lab also performs wear and tear tests on the garment. The experience-based engineering of Galvin Green is so solid, that it meets Gore’s technical requirements to a very high level.

When the new style is approved it gets a reference number and is sealed as ‘the original’. Only then can production start. GORE-TEX products may only be manufactured in certified production facilities. This way, the end consumer can always feel confident that the product they buy has been tested and manufactured in a particularly thorough manner.


The curiosity shown by Galvin Green in state-of-the-art technologies introduced by Gore is often translated into real applications. A good example is the new GORE-TEX Superstretch technology, originally developed for uniformed professionals like police officers and firefighters. The word ‘Superstretch’ was invented by Galvin Green, as the brand saw the potential of using the technology to increase the stretch effect in exposed areas on jackets to allow for a tighter fit. This exciting new technology was first introduced in the rainwear range developed for the winning European Ryder Cup Team in 2018 and is now available to every golfer in the form of the ARCHIE jacket.

“The patented ‘Superstretch’ fibre is made up of micro-stretch zones that require very little force to achieve the stretch effect – the so-called low torque stretch with fast full recovery. By using this material to a very limited extent exactly where needed, Galvin Green has managed to get maximum effect on its garments,” added Per.


The W. L Gore multi-million dollar testing facility can not only simulate different weather featuring extreme temperatures, wind, water and sun in combination, but actually create a complete environment in which real professionals, such as soldiers (or golfers), can perform their tasks under realistic conditions. To fully understand how the body is affected, the test person swallows a mini-capsule to keep track of the core temperature inside the body and everything is carefully monitored.


Galvin Green presents a new edgy line – our Carbon series. Premium garments with a carbon inspired theme featuring a subtle tone-in-tone design with a technical look that adds a prestigious dimension.