Galvin Green SHAKEDRY

Galvin Green SHAKEDRY


At just 174 grams, the Shakedry jacket is the lightest rain jacket ever made by Galvin Green...and also the fastest. In fact, it's been engineered to give golfers maximum speed as well as protection from the elements.



The answer lies in the innovative SHAKEDRY technology that minimises friction during the swing so that golfers can maximise clubhead speed. The combination of full power and greater control throughout the swing, results in the prospect of better scoring in wet conditions.

The jacket gets its name from the fact that the unrivalled GORE-TEX waterproof membrane is positioned on the outside of the garment for the first time, without being covered by a conventional face fabric. As a resuls, the water simply beads up and rolls off the surface as quickly as it arrives. This means that since the jacket prevents any water absorption, there is minimal chilling effect on the body and a faster dry-off time than any other garment of its kind on the market.


Galvin Green is the first golfwear brand to introduce this streamlined, waterproof technology into its rainwear range with the Ashton full zip jacket that forms part of the 2019 part two collection with a pre-launch this month. The jacket is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort throughout the golf swing, the Ashton is also extremely breathable and takes up very little space in the bag. The streamlined jacket has a functional backer textile inside offering exceptional comfort next to the skin.

During play testing of the Ashton, Galvin Green was keen to establish how accomplished players would feel when they put on the new waterproof jacket, given that many are reluctant to do so for fear of losing club head speed. Former European Tour player Oliver Whiteley was among the first to give his readction to wearign the Ashton jacket out on the course in wet weather conditions.

"I don't believe anyone could feel restricted in that jacket," he said. "That's lighter than anything I've ever player golf or swung in before. It's just like playing in a shirt!"

"I think the ultimate thing in golf apparel - and certainly in waterproof clothing - would be to design a jacket that feels like you're not wearing one. That would be a massive achievement...and I think that's what you've achieved in this jacket." he added.


  • Waterproof
  • Extremely breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Shaped sleeves for easy movement
  • Water repellent zippers