Matt Wallace at home in Florida.

Matt Wallace at home in Florida.

Matt gives us an insight into some training is doing.

How did you feel wearing the Future Archive Collection during the

"I was in Dubai at the start of the year doing some preseason work and had a photoshoot with JLplanned because you can guarantee the good weather there at the time of year (it rained so hard the road flooded!). When the JL team showed me the design, I loved it straight away. It's a bit different and so distinctive and I've always liked the idea of dressing formally for golf. I had a couple of months thinking about it and it was pretty exciting come the Thursday at Sawgrass. Before the round a lot of the guys were commenting on it and it probably put me under a tiny little more external pressure to do ok but I enjoyed wearing it snd looking forward to what JL have in store for me next."

How are you dealing with the postponement of the Tours?

“It was a little bit frustrating, especially when it all first star- ted happening and things were called off after one day at The Players Championship but a little time has passed and you can have a bit more perspec- tive, beyond just golf, and see the effect the virus, and the huge economic worries and impact that people have to face as a result, and it doesn’t mat- ter that much. In that respect I suppose I’m just like everyone else, staying in touch with my friends and family, following the news and the advice and wai- ting to see what happens.”

How do you think Golf will adapt to COVID-19?

“We just have to let it play out really. Over the last few weeks a lot of conversations have veered down the road of ‘What if’ and wondering about what might happen and when. It’s a global issue being dealt with bygovernments and golf will work it out afterwards. Things might look a bit different when we start playing again but we’re no different to any other industry. We might have to adapt a bit and we’re all missing golf and tournaments but we’ll be back when the time is right and we might appreciate it a little bit more too.”

What’s your favourite out- fit from J Lindeberg’s SS20 collection?

“That’s not an easy one at all because I always love my first look at the new collections. The KV regular fit is great, so is the Joaquin and also the Future Archive.

What’s your best tip for your game while indoors?

“It’s all short game, short game, short game. Social media is full of tips at the moment. You just need to work on your short game, whether it’s little chips and even if you only have 6ft to putt in, get putting and test yourself and put pressure on yourself every day. It’s the area a lot of amateurs just don’t do the work on but it’s the area that will improve your scores straight away.”

What is your Tour Tale?

“There’s a classic about a caddie – who shall remain na- meless – who used to baffle his player a bit with all of the yar- dages and information he gave him. Once they were stood on the tee and he said: ‘It’s 295 to the tree, 291 to the bush, 287 to the sprinkler and on and on and on. Eventually, he finishes and the player says, ‘So what am I hitting?” and the caddie says, ‘I’m not sure, would you like a banana?’