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New Brand Alert: Psycho Bunny

New Brand Alert: Psycho Bunny

Learn more about the newest addition to the TRENDYGOLF brand stable...

Once upon a time in New York City, two Roberts sat down for what would be an interesting conversation.
Bonded by a shared passion they conjured an idea, to build a bold new menswear brand, which over time would become so much more. With risk and reward woven from the very first stitch, they set forth to create a brand that combined tradition with edge, and so began an epic adventure they’re still living today.

That day, against the sounds of clinking plates and slicing steaks Mr. Godley, sketched the iconic identity. A bunny skull-and-crossbones. Two elements working as one. Rebellion with style, sophisticated mischief so to speak.
Schooled in the classics of English bespoke tailoring and footwear, Robert Godley used this knowledge of tradition and transformed it, with his instinctive, raw creativity.

As for Robert Goldman; his grandfather established a necktie factory at the turn of the twentieth century. He’s a testament to the notion that integrity contains grit, just add a healthy serving of hard graft on top. That third generation New York, necktie, knowhow, helped turn that sketch into an international icon.

Together; two gentlemen, two Roberts signed the check and shook hands with the agreement to always sail against the sea of ordinary and to never compromise on quality or creativity.
Over the next decade, the two Roberts transformed the market, turning formalwear into lifestyle with attitude, (that lasts form more than three washes). Introducing tailored details such as mother of pearl buttons, fine piques and tapered seams. A range of styles and collections for every occasion from the red carpet to the big blue. Designed for nights less ordinary and made for days of mischief.

The brand has since transitioned into the golf market to offer more technical alternatives to their classic polo shirts which allow you to perform at your best without sacrificing style or wearing comfort. We've curated the very best polo shirts for on and off course this season.
Psycho Bunny - Made for Mischief.