Packing For Pebble Beach


This week the 119th U.S. Open gets underway at Pebble Beach Golf Links, CA. Known for its stricter-than-most dress code, players will be dressed in more classic attire with collared polos and smart trousers the order of the week. We can't be sure whether Kelly Kraft's favourite joggers will be making an appearance this week if they do they will cause a stir.

So-called 'June Gloom' hits California in the late spring and early summer. This is when the air warms up in May, but the waters of the Pacific Ocean are still relatively cold causing condensation. A thin marine layer of low-lying clouds forms overnight over the ocean and then creeps over the land during the morning. Players will need to ensure they are dressed appropriately to ensure they are not caught out by cooler conditions in the morning. Layering is as important as ever, especially with the fluctuating temperatures.


Pebble Beach became the first public golf course to host a U.S. Open event in 1972 and this year on it's centenary it will host its sixth event, more than any other course in the last 50 years. The seventh trip to Pebble Beach will be in 2027 with the Women's U.S. Open also being hosted here in 2023 for the first time.

Just six public courses have ever hosted a U.S. Open with only Pebble Beach hosting more than three times - a special place and we aren't the only ones who think so!

Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Tiger Woods all created huge career highlights at Pebble Beach and amateurs of all levels can relive some of golf's greatest moments too.

Pebble Beach also plays host to the AT&T Pro-Am each February, an event founded by Crooner Bing Crosby in 1947, which sees top tour players alongside big names in music, TV and other sports including Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray.