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Palace x adidas Golf Collaboration

Palace x adidas Golf Collaboration

Faldo launches Palace and adidas golf collaboration

Skateboarding brand Palace is due to launch the highly anticipated spring/summer 2020 collection in the coming days. Yesterday, the brand took to instagram to announce a new collaboration with adidas Golf.

In the short instagram clip, the Golf Hall of Fame member, Nick Faldo, and beloved on-air analyst fiddles with his mobile and expounds on the difference between how adidas is pronounced in the US and the UK, quipping “Do you say AH-dee-daz in America? In Britain we say AH-dee-daz, not ah-DEE-das.”

No further information has been released about the products that will be part of the capsule collection however we're hoping they will bridge the gap between the skatepark and the links. The initial colour-way looks as if it will tie in nicely to the CODECHAOS line available in the main golf collection.

Palace is no stranger to collaborations outside of skateboarding, including tennis and football, and we're excited to hear more about this in the coming days.