The 19th Hole with Justin Thomas

The 19th Hole with Justin Thomas


TRENDYGOLF: How did this collaboration come about? How did it start and what was the process?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a fun process. I think it was something that we both maybe had at least a vision or something in mind. Ralph Lauren has been a great partner for me, I was with them before I was even a pro, wearing their clothes, so it was an easy transition for me. Once this idea came about, and the different ideas started flowing, it was a very fun process and we are very excited that it is finally launching.

TG: Awesome. So tell us what was some of the inspiration behind the collection? Any icons or anything like that?

JT: So some of the inspiration behind the collection... first and foremost it needs to be comfortable. It needs to be movable. You know playing golf you need to be able to have the stretch. And then playing in a lot of hot conditions, the moisture wicking, it needs to be able to breathe well. And then the pants are very very comfortable. I'm pretty excited about those because I'm sure a lot of golfers can tell you in the different brands, you come across a lot of different pants, with a lot of different feels and textures. And something that's great about these is that they move really well. You can wear them out to dinner, you can wear them around the house, you can go play golf, you can go play Augusta National in them, you can do whatever you want. It's a good transitional pant. I feel like the camo print that we came up with is something people are going to really really like.

TG: Are those your favourite? The camo print?

JT: Yeah they are. I love the sweater, I think it's a cool and classy look. But the camo. It's edgy and trendy. The different colour blues and the USA red, white and blue theme with the stars kind of subtly in the print as well is a great addition.

TG: Quickfire question... what would you wear if you could only wear one outfit from the collection every single day?

JT: One outfit from the collection...I would probably go with some pants like this. A stone pant. The camo top because I like that, over a red shirt to get all the colours in there.

TG: Brilliant. Moving towards a different subject... what are some of your favourites - or not so favourite - trends going on currently on tour?

JT: That's tough. Everybody in every company is so different. I feel like in this day and age, not unfortunately but it's just the way that it's going, you feel like you kind of have to push the limits or start a trend, or just kind of do something that no one has seen before. Which, I understand to an extent, but there are some things that are thrown out there that aren't everybody's favourite but that's just how it goes. In terms of specific individuals or specific companies, nothing comes to mind or nothing that I really need to get into. I would like to hope that I'm biased and the stuff that I wear is some of my favourites.

TG: So what are some of the most important factors in terms of the clothes you are wearing on course?

JT: Comfort. And the way that it fits your body, or at least the way that it fits my body is the most important to me. It needs to be a good fit, it needs to look good, in terms of kind of the slim tailored fit, but if it doesn't breathe well and it doesn't move well then it's not comfortable and I feel like I can't really go and enjoy myself playing golf. You know if I am tugging at my shirt all day or if my pants are sticking to me or whatever it might be so that was something we thought about that was a big part of the process in coming out with everything. But comfort, along with the styles we created, is why we feel this collection will be a great success.

TG: That all sounds great Justin. Is there anything else you want to add?

JT: I'm very excited about the launch and the collaboration of the line with Ralph Lauren. Be sure to go to TRENDYGOLF to check it out.