Troy Mullins | JL Ambassador


Troy Mullins is a self-taught long drive champion from California and the newest addition to the J.Lindeberg Ambassador team.

She entered her first competition in 2012 after attending Cornell University, revealing her extraordinary talent. A golf swing that she calls "a gift from god". Read on to get to know a bit more about Troy.

What inspires you every day?
My passion for life is what inspires me most, as you never know what each new day will bring.

What are you excited about in the world of golf?
I'm excited that the long drive aspect of golf is being more included in the world of golf and I'm happy to see that more women and young girls are becoming interested in the sport.

How do you see the future of golf if you were to decide?
I think it'd be really fun to see co-ed tournaments.

Do you have any special routines before a big competition?
Before a competition I just try to relax and not get too into my head about what I need to do.

How do you stay motivated?
My faith and love for life keep me motivated in everything I do.

How do you stay balanced living such a busy life?
I stay balanced by making sure I get in a daily walk with my dog Etta James, it keeps me grounded.

What's next?
You'll see...