Your Comprehensive Guide to Layering

Maintaining your optimum temperature on the golf course can be difficult at the best of times. As we move into autumn, with the ever-changing seasonal conditions it is important to be fully prepared to help you perform to the best of your ability.

It is not uncommon, especially in the United Kingdom, to experience all four seasons in one round, but how can you possibly be prepared for all of this when you can’t carry your wardrobe with you on the course?! We’ve detailed some of the most important rules to follow when layering to ensure you are ready for anything.

1. Layer from thin to thick

Starting with a thin base layer and polo shirt then layering with a mid layer or knitwear and then an outer jacket will help you maintain your body temperature as you can remove layers when necessary. Adding a thick top layer – hybrid or thin down jacket will keep you toasty when it’s cold with options to remove layers when you get warmer

2. Layering Colours

Finding an outfit which works and doesn’t make you look like you stole the rainbow can sometimes be difficult. Wearing different shades or similar colours will help you create a sophisticated look while adding a contrasting colour will help bring out your personality and brighten the course on dull days.

3. Patterns

Try not to combine too many patterns. Adding one can elevate your outfit to the next level and give extra detail. If you add more than one be careful what you choose, double stripes is almost always a no-go.

4. Unrestricting outer layers

Lightweight jackets, gilets and mid layers are thin enough to add warmth without the bulk. Being able to swing freely is critical whether you’re playing a competition or for bragging rights in the 19th hole.

5. Layer appropriately for the location

If you’re playing on a links course it is likely (unless you’re very lucky) that there will be a cool wind blowing in off the sea, a wind resistant jacket would be best here. For less exposed courses you might get away with a mid layer and gilet combination.

Every layer should work on its own and with the rest of the outfit to ensure you’re stylish in every temperature. Layering is simple to master once you’ve got the basics, just ensure you are comfortable and have freedom of movement and you’re halfway there!