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Nike PGA Championship 2024 Shoe Collection

Unveiling Nike's PGA Championship Golf Shoe Collection: Where Tradition Meets Innovation...
2 min read

As summer approaches and the allure of lush green golf courses beckons, Nike once again asserts its dominance, unveiling its latest PGA Championship Golf Shoe Collection. This meticulously crafted lineup isn't just about style; it's a respectful nod to the sport's rich history, seamlessly blending modern footwear technology with elements reminiscent of vintage golf clubs. Discover the collection that promises to elevate your game while paying homage to golf's storied past.


Nike Air Pegasus '89 G NRG: Embodying Tradition

The first gem in this collection is the Nike Air Pegasus '89 G NRG. Evoking the classic Pegasus silhouette, this shoe pays homage to the heritage of both Nike and golf. Its design incorporates wood grain details reminiscent of traditional wooden golf clubs, seamlessly blending functionality with timeless appeal. Crafted with water-resistant materials and innovative cushioning, it promises comfort through every swing. The spiked outsole guarantees stability and grip, making it a standout choice for both performance and style.


Zoom Infinity Tour: Where Comfort Meets Performance

Next up is the Zoom Infinity Tour, a shoe designed to dominate the fairway from start to finish. Boasting a sleek, modern design with subtle nods to vintage wood aesthetics, it mirrors the craftsmanship of classic golf equipment. With a focus on comfort and responsiveness, this shoe ensures you stay focused on your game, delivering stability and support with every step.

Set to be worn by Brooks Koepka at this year’s PGA Championship.


Zoom Victory Tour 3: Luxury and Legacy Combined

Completing the trifecta is the Zoom Victory Tour 3, the epitome of luxury fused with legacy. Crafted with premium leather and adorned with wood grain detailing, it exudes sophistication reminiscent of polished golf club handles. Equipped with responsive cushioning and a hybrid outsole designed for versatile play, it's the ultimate choice for discerning golfers who demand both style and performance.

Set to be worn by Rory McIlroy at this year’s PGA Championship.


A Fusion of Past and Present

The Nike PGA Championship Golf collection is more than just footwear; it's a tribute to the rich traditions of golf and a testament to the demands of modern players. By seamlessly blending vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, Nike has crafted shoes that honour the sport's heritage while meeting the rigours of today's game.


Availability and Features

All three pairs will be released on TRENDYGOLF.COM on Tuesday May 14th, 2024, just in time for the tournament kick-off on May 16th. Each model has its own features, including waterproof warranties, classic silhouettes, and innovative design elements tailored to enhance your performance on the course.

  • Air Pegasus '89 NRG P24: Classic silhouette, vintage design, water-resistant materials, spiked outsole for stability.
  • Air Zoom Victory Tour 3 NRG P24: Full-grain leather, Zoom Air Unit, hybrid outsole, two-year waterproof warranty.
  • Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% NRG P24: Waterproof upper, integrated spikes, updated midsole foam, two-year waterproof warranty.


As you gear up for this season's golf, let Nike's PGA Championship Golf Shoe Collection be your trusted companion, blending tradition with innovation for the ultimate on-course experience.



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