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Company Info

TRENDYGOLF started in January 2004 when two self-confessed golf connoisseurs (Ian and Ben) noticed a new style hitting the fairways on the PGA and European Tour. After a long time searching the internet they finally identified the brand as J.Lindeberg, at the time being famously worn by Swedish golfer and style icon Jesper Parnevik, it then raised the question of “Where can we buy this from?”

After great difficulty and no luck trying to buy the clothing, Ian and Ben decided to create what we now know as TRENDYGOLF, the concept of which was to be a one-stop-shop for all the most fashionable clothing seen on professional golfers worldwide.

Since 2004 the company has spread worldwide and now boasts offices both in the UK and USA. But the mantra remains the same, provide the latest fashion and the products that the top players are modelling.

TRENDYGOLF is not just aimed at the fashionable golfer; it is an institution that wants to bring the latest designs from the trendiest designers around the world to the forefront of fashion, both on and off course.

It's all about confidence and with TRENDYGOLF as your personal tailor, you’ll at least look good whilst on the course.

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