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PUMA Golf x PTC | Spring/Summer ‘23

The latest collaboration from PUMA Golf and Palm Tree Crew, ready for the best months of the year...
5 min read

Puma Golf has once again collaborated with Palm Tree Crew to release their latest in fashion-focused golf wear, introducing the Puma Golf x PTC spring/summer 2023 collection. The ever-present pairing of Puma Golf's ambassador, Rickie Fowler, and world-renowned D.J., Kygo, are excited for yet another launch of their stylish clothing line. 

Delivering the best in tropical vibes this season, the Puma Golf x PTC spring/summer 2023 collection aims to bring together the two worlds of golf and music, creating a fresh outlook on the casual golf wear scene. Previous seasons have seen Kygo’s tropical lifestyle vibe combine with Rickie Fowler’s confidence in colours on the golf tour to produce a creative, fresh and retro collaborative range. This season is no different; the tropical vibes of Kygo have once again been superbly captured, together with Fowler's colour confidence and Puma's quality in fabric technology to produce a forward-thinking, fashion-focused clothing line.


“Working with PUMA Golf to continue developing the collaboration with KYGO and PTC keeps me creative. Golf and music both have tempo and rhythm, and bringing the art of them together through a fashion lens is unique. The Puma x PTC collection gives me confidence in my personal style that I can rock on the course. It’s cool."

 - Rickie Fowler, PGA Tour Pro

Designed for players who prefer comfort and style on and off the golf course, the newest range from PTC and Puma Golf tick both boxes. This range is not just clothing, it's a lifestyle. The unique colours and prints ensure the wearer feels like they are in the tropics. The new colourway pallet including; aqua green, shocking pink, whites and blacks, combined with a fresh floral print on the festival polo shirts, embodies the retro-tropical vibes that both parties wanted with this latest collab.


“So excited to be going into the third year in a row of PUMA x PTC. This collection helps continue our mission to bring the worlds of golf and music together. Want to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey and welcome the new members of the crew. Can’t wait to see what you guys think!" 

- D.J. Kygo

Where course meets casual wear, the spring/summer 2023 collaboration takes the elements learned from previous seasons and has produced an exciting new range. A slight change in the colours this time around has seen the iconic palm tree now crafted into the signature ‘P’ logo in a bold silver colour. The prints and colourways selected embody the retro-tropical vibes of Miami Beach, combined with the fresh new logo, bringing versatility and excitement to the fairways and beyond. As with previous seasons, Puma Golf’s premium dryCELL technology has been woven exquisitely into the collection. The benefits of this technology mean that the apparel has four-way stretch, is highly breathable and has superior comfort, the exact specifications required for the course. Stemmed from a friendship between Fowler and Kygo, the Puma x PTC collaboration captures the music x golf blend impeccably season after season. Check out some of our favourite picks from the collection.




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