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PUMA x PTC Slipstream Golf Shoes: A Tropical Fusion of Style and Performance

The latest addition to the PUMA x PTC Collaboration - the Slipstream Golf Shoes, bringing those tropical vibes to the winter fairways…
3 min read

In a fusion of music, lifestyle, and golf, PUMA Golf has once again raised the bar with its latest collaboration, the PUMA x PTC Slipstream Golf Shoes. This limited-edition masterpiece is a result of the dynamic partnership between PUMA Golf, KYGO, PALM TREE CREW, and Rickie Fowler, bringing together tropical vibes, golf performance, and unparalleled style, returning for yet another season to showcase their latest addition to the popular collaborative partnership.


Tropical Fusion Design:

The PUMA x PTC Slipstream Golf Shoe is a visual delight, combining classic design elements with a bold, reimagined swagger. Available in PUMA White with Regal Blue and Pink Icing accents, the shoe features premium leather and suede construction, delivering the look and feel of a classic basketball court shoe. The incorporation of the golden palm tree logo (now in a silver colourway on the heel), synonymous with PALM TREE CREW, adds a touch of tropical elegance to the overall aesthetic. The PUMA x PTC Slipstream is not just a golf shoe; it's a fashion statement on and off the course. The design seamlessly merges classic elements with a unique twist, creating a striking aesthetic that captures the essence of a tropical lifestyle.

Performance Meets Comfort:

While style is paramount, the Slipstream Golf Shoe doesn't compromise on performance. Designed to tackle the challenges of the golf course, these shoes feature a spikeless outsole traction pattern, ensuring optimal grip in any condition. The internal PROFOAM midsole and mesh moulded sock liner offer unparalleled comfort, allowing golfers to focus on their swing without compromising on style.


The Roots of Collaboration:

The collaboration between PUMA Golf and PALM TREE CREW is a testament to the power of shared passions. Founded by KYGO and Myles Shear, PTC is synonymous with a tropical lifestyle, symbolised by its iconic golden palm tree logo. This partnership was born out of a genuine friendship between PGA Tour Pro Rickie Fowler and DJ KYGO (an avid golfer himself), resulting in a collection that seamlessly merges sport and lifestyle. Continuing for its third year, the initial release of this collaboration was first seen just before the 2021 Players Championship and continues to set standards in the golf apparel and now footwear scene.


“We wanted to use a Slipstream, originally a PUMA lifestyle shoe, to make a statement on the course, so we designed a pair with our unique PTC spin. Palm Tree Crew has flourished into an epic collaboration between Rickie Fowler and myself and I am always blown away by the designs and gear we are able to bring to the golf course with Puma Golf.”
International DJ Sensation KYGO
The golden palm tree logo, synonymous with PALM TREE CREW, is an emblem of the carefree, tropical lifestyle. Infused into the design of the Slipstream Golf Shoes, it represents a fusion of two worlds – the precision and focus of golf and the laid-back, vibrant atmosphere that PTC embodies. The PUMA x PTC Slipstream is not just a golf shoe; it's a collector's item. With its limited availability and distinctive design, this collaboration piece represents a unique blend of sports, music, and lifestyle. Golfers and fashion enthusiasts alike will appreciate the exclusivity and attention to detail that sets this shoe apart.
The PUMA x PTC Slipstream Golf Shoe is more than just footwear; it's a symbol of unity between sports and lifestyle, precision and leisure. With its tropical aesthetics, high-performance features, and exclusive collaboration roots, these golf shoes redefine what it means to make a statement on and off the golf course. As the worlds of golf and music converge, this limited-edition release exemplifies PUMA's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating products that resonate with a diverse audience. Step into the world where tropical vibes meet golf excellence with the PUMA x PTC Slipstream Golf Shoes - available now via the link below.

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