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TG Review: Puma RS-G

Tested by the team on and off the course...
5 min read

As a 30+ guy, it wasn’t always going to be my first choice to try out the RS-G, a new design for from Puma golf, based on the popular RS-X3 running shoe.
The reason being that I already had a preconception that it was a little too 'off-piste’ for my local club, as well as feeling like it was maybe aimed at the younger generation. The shoes arrived with a sense of anticipation given the heightened build-up to the launch and the fact that we have a few sneakerheads in the office. I was handed my order and immediately tried to ‘try' them on, it was clear I needed to go up a half size, so swapped them over, slipped them on and started to break them in around the office, they never came off that day.

That afternoon I had planned to head to †he driving range so it was an easy transition from work to the course, getting a few comments here and there from those "in the know" that these were the new shoes on the block and not just another new pair of trainers, they were comfortable although still a little snug and didn’t seem to affect my usual swipe of a golf club.
My first round in them was a week later, I took them for a spin around a local course that was very hilly, so thought it would be a good test for comfort and more importantly grip. I completely forgot that I was wearing them which in my book meant they had passed the test. On review, they are a good golf shoe with great style, I have completely changed my opinion that I could have potentially been too old for them and the feedback I received and have received since has all been positive, the only negative for me was that I needed to size up but as we had stock, it wasn’t a big deal.
The next test will be when it rains, I rarely venture out in the rain but given they are waterproof I anticipate they will be up to the task!


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