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Justin Thomas to wear Ralph Lauren

Justin Thomas to wear Ralph Lauren


The Festive season is over and everyone, including PGA Tour players, are heading back to work. With their return to the golf course, we get to see what they received for Christmas. Numerous players have signed new equipment, apparel and accessory deals for 2019.

This week our attention was grabbed by a subtle change of clothing for Justin Thomas. He has moved from wearing only Polo Golf Ralph Lauren to adding RLX Ralph Lauren into his tournament choices. This signals a move for JT to some more technical, modern fibres and sophisticated designs.

Previously we have seen Justin wear a combination of plain shirt and patterned trousers or vice versa. He has always mixed up his looks with bright colour and subtle detailing.

We will see a similar look moving forward now that he is wearing both lines of Ralph Lauren clothing, but the technical properties in the RLX products will keep him much cooler during warmer days on the course. These technical properties coupled with numerous layering items in the Ralph Lauren range we will see Justin continue his stand-out style in all conditions this year.