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Annabel Dimmock Golf Clinic Day at Foxhills

TRENDYGOLF ambassador Annabel Dimmock hosted a golf clinic at Foxhills Golf Club - read on to discover the event…
3 min read

The sun was shining, and the fairways were buzzing with excitement as Foxhills Golf Club recently played host to a remarkable golf clinic led by none other than the talented Annabel Dimmock, TRENDYGOLF ambassador. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and unforgettable moments that left participants eager to take their golf game to new heights. The picturesque setting, coupled with Annabel’s expertise and enthusiasm, made it a day to remember for all involved.



Personalised Coaching: Annabel's expertise shone brightly as she provided personalised coaching to all participants. With patience and precision, she helped golfers of all skill levels refine their techniques and master the art of the swing.

Swing Analysis: A key focus of the clinic was perfecting the golf swing, and Annabel's keen eye for detail and years of experience on the course helped golfers gain new insights into their swing mechanics. Each participant was left with a clearer understanding of how to achieve better consistency.

Short Game Mastery: Chipping, putting, and bunker play were also in the spotlight. Annabel's tips and tricks on these crucial aspects of the game had participants feeling more confident about their short-game skills.

Mental Game Strategies: In addition to the physical aspects of golf, Annabel delved into the mental game, offering valuable advice on maintaining focus, managing pressure, and approaching each shot with unwavering confidence. These mental tools were a game-changer for many.

Engaging Q&A Session: Annabel's candid and inspiring Q&A session allowed participants to tap into her experiences as a professional golfer. Her stories from the pro circuit not only provided insights into the world of competitive golf but also motivated and encouraged all attendees.


The clinic was not only about golf but also about creating lasting memories. Participants took advantage of the picturesque surroundings to capture some fantastic moments. Whether it was Annabel's expert advice, impressive swings, or the camaraderie among fellow golfers, the day was a visual treat.



Here's what some of the participants had to say about their experience:

"Annabel's guidance has been invaluable. I'm leaving with a renewed passion for golf and the tools to take my game to a whole new level. Thanks, Annabel and Foxhills!"

"What an incredible day! Annabel's insights were pure gold, and the atmosphere was fantastic. I'm inspired to keep practising and improving."

"A big thank you to Annabel and Foxhills for an unforgettable day of golf. The knowledge I gained and the friendships I made are priceless!"


The success of the Annabel Dimmock Golf Clinic at Foxhills Golf Club has left everyone eager for more. Keep an eye out for future events, as we're committed to bringing you the best in golfing experiences and opportunities for improvement. Missed the clinic? Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to enhance your golfing journey. Thank you to Annabel Dimmock for her expert guidance, Foxhills for hosting, and all the participants who made this day exceptional.



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