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Nike Tiger Woods ‘13 Masters Edition Golf Shoes

A Roaring Comeback of Iconic Comfort and Performance - Nike has unveiled their latest shoe design...
3 min read

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the most iconic golf shoes in history, Nike proudly reintroduces the Tiger Woods '13 Masters Edition Golf Shoes. This marks the first true Tiger retro, a nod to a design that was revolutionary at its inception but continues to capture the essence of Tiger Woods' unparalleled style and dominance on the golf course. With its iconic design and ahead-of-its-time technology, this golf shoe promises a unique fit and feel, embodying the spirit of the legendary golfer.


A Roaring Comeback:

As we revisit the masterpiece that is the Nike TW ’13, we can't help but marvel at its groundbreaking features. Crafted with the inspiration of Tiger Woods himself, a fervent admirer of Nike Free shoes off the golf course, the TW ’13 was born out of a simple yet powerful idea – to provide golfers with the same fit and feel as their favourite running or training shoes.


Behind the Design:

The marriage of comfort and performance in the Nike TW ’13 was no accident. Tiger Woods, seeking a golf shoe that matched the comfort of his everyday footwear, worked closely with Nike to create a game-changing design. The result? A golf shoe that altered the landscape of golf footwear forever.


Swing Through Innovation:

The engineered outsole of the Tiger Woods '13 Masters Edition Golf Shoes mimics and conforms to the natural motion of the foot, providing a unique blend of flexibility and support. This lightweight performance golf shoe offers exceptional traction, allowing golfers to maintain prolonged contact with the ground. The result? Better energy transfer from foot to shoe, and ultimately, from shoe to ground.

Fitted Feel with Dynamic Support:

Nike's Dynamic Fit system takes the golfing experience to the next level. Offering targeted support, this system ensures a perfect strength-to-weight ratio and a 1-to-1 fitted support. Flywire-infused nylon straps extend 360 degrees from the footbed to the lacing system, securing the foot for an adaptive fit. This not only provides stability but also enhances mobility, crucial for every golfer seeking the perfect swing.


As Nike re-releases the Nike Tiger Woods '13 Masters Edition Golf Shoes, they pay homage to a design that changed the game. This iconic golf shoe, born from Tiger Woods' passion for comfort and performance, continues to be a symbol of innovation and style. Whether you're channelling your inner Tiger on the fairway or revelling in the nostalgia of a classic, the Nike TW ’13 is a must-have for golfers. Lace-up, hit the course, and experience the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and timeless style with this legendary retro release. Be quick as limited quantities are available.



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