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Product Spotlight: KJUS Pro 3L 2.0

Discover the latest in rainwear innovations - The Pro 3L 2.0 from Kjus
10 min read

Introducing the next generation of rainwear from Swiss brand KJUS. The Pro 3L 2.0 offers you unrivalled protection against the elements without restricting your movement. Read on to find out more about the sheer amount of research and development that has gone into making these products and why these should be your next investment.


The best just got better. Introducing the next generation of KJUS' iconic Pro 3L rainwear.
The Pro 3L 2.0 is a revolution in stretchable weather protection that uses specially engineered, body-zoned panels to deliver maximum stretch where you need it most.


KJUS' premium rain gear solution is the most technical, stretchable, durable and breathable rainwear on the market. The Pro 3L has been thoroughly researched and rigorously tested over more than 3 years. The brand has analysed every type of golf shot and studied the biomechanics of the swing to create the perfect golf rain suit. With four-way stretch through all layers, the 2.0 version of the Pro 3L features ergonomically shaped and strategically zoned ‘X-Stretch’ panels to allow for even greater swing freedom and comfort.


Thanks to the Dermizax membrane, the three-layer, fully seam-taped jacket and pants are waterproof even in the strongest of downpours yet offer a high level of breathability and stretch. As a result, the Pro 3L 2.0 won’t restrict the swing in any way, will keep you dry – inside and outside – and your body climate balanced.


The specially engineered X-Stretch woven jacquard panels have been built into the key zones of the shoulder points, shoulder blades and lower back of the jacket, and for the pants – the knees, upper thighs and glutes. The result: even greater freedom of movement and comfort not just through the swing motion but for when you’re bending down to read that birdie putt or teeing up that killer drive.

Inspired by how the swing motion transfers forces from the Deltoid muscle (on the top of the shoulder) over the shoulder blades down to the lower back, the innovative X-Stretch technology uses a unique engineered jacquard pattern together with a variable biased cut to mirror and support the biomechanics of the golf swing. The panels bring the highest level of stretch to the shoulder points which then gradually decreases as it runs down the back. The variance in stretch creates a sling-shot effect – absorbing energy in the wind-up and releasing it at the bottom of the swing. This variance in stretch can be seen visually with the dense jacquard pattern on the shoulder gradually fading out and becoming less condensed as it reaches the lower back.





  • Three-Layer fabric - Waterproof, breathable and extremely stretchable: A 3-layer fabric construction that wicks moisture away from the body, protects you from the elements and keeps you swinging freely – thanks to four-way stretch through every layer and dimension.
  • Fully weather protected - Fully seam-taped and with a Dermizax EV membrane and a durable water-repellency treatment, the Pro 3L 2.0 is built to withstand serious rain.


  • Body-zoned X-Stretch panels - Engineered X-Stretch panels in a woven jacquard fabric are built into the key zones of the shoulder points, shoulder blades and lower back to mirror the contours of the golf swing and allow even greater flexibility through your swing motion. Right and left-handed tailored versions of the jackets are available.
  • Ergonomic collar - A collar, that’s low in the front to stay out of the way of your putting stroke, and high in the back to protect your neck from the rain.
  • Water-repellent zipper - A water-repellent, soft front zipper with chin guard that is designed to keep the front of the jacket supple and the rain out.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs - Adjustable cuffs provide a perfect fit and are designed to drain water from your hands, so they stay dry for gripping the club.
  • Adjustable waist and hem - The KJUS Waist Adjustment System, located inside the front pockets, and the adjustable hem ensure a perfect fit so that the jacket lays super flat across the body; staying out of the way of your swing and your putting.


  • Body-zoned X-Stretch panels - Engineered X-Stretch panels in a woven jacquard fabric are built into the key zones of the knees, upper thighs and glutes to boost freedom of movement where it’s needed most on the course.
  • Extra-long side-zippers - Extended zippers make them easy and quick to take on and off during the round.
  • Adjustable Waist - Velcro adjuster at the waist ensures a perfect fit.
  • Reach-through pockets - Reach-through pockets on the pants make them easy to wear over normal golf pants.
  • Zippered pockets - Flap front pockets with hidden zippers underneath for protection against the elements.
  • Magnetic back-pocket closure - A magnetic back-pocket closure on the pants to ensure you never have to deal with a soggy or lost score-card again.



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