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PUMA Golf x Duvin Design Co | Exclusive Collaboration

A dynamic collaboration: unveiling the latest golf collection - PUMA Golf x Duvin Design Co…

3 min read

The world of golf fashion is constantly evolving, with collaborations between renowned brands often leading to innovative designs and fresh perspectives. A perfect blend of functionality and fashion has been embodied in this latest collaboration between PUMA Golf and Duvin Design Co. This dynamic partnership between the two brands has produced a collection that seamlessly merges style with performance, allowing golfers to look their best while conquering the golf course.


The latest unique capsule titled “Purveyors of Leisure” follows the success of the brand’s successful first stint at collaborating last year. Beachwear brand Duvin Design Co, PUMA Golf and PGA Tour Pro Rickie Fowler decided that a second attempt at combining the two worlds of beachwear fashion and golf fashion would serve another recipe for success. Rickie Fowler knows Duvin Design Co’s co-founder, Shaun O’Meara, very well as they grew up playing golf together, so the relationship between the two brands was there from the get-go. This personal relationship between the two has evolved and led to the organic design of the latest collaborative collection. Regarded as PUMA Golf’s golden boy and working with the brand for over the last ten years, it was only natural that Fowler merged these differing worlds and created a unique apparel collection. Drawing inspiration from Duvin’s bold prints and combined with PUMA’s premium fabrics, this collection is set to become the next go-to beach and golf clothing line.


“Getting to work with Rickie and the PUMA team is always super exciting for us. It’s incredibly rewarding to get the opportunity to take our inspiration from leisure apparel and apply to it PUMA’s world-class manufacturing and expertise in crafting the ultimate performance products for golf.”

- Austin Duvall Creative Director of Duvin.


The PUMA x Duvin golf collection is a blend of PUMA’s athletic expertise and Duvin’s unique coastal-inspired designs. The result is a range of golf apparel that exude a fresh and contemporary vibe for on and off-the-course wear. Grabbing inspiration from the vibrant 1980s, the pastel-infused nautical colours used throughout ensure the collection makes a statement on the golf course. Renowned for cutting-edge fabric technology, the assemblage incorporates moisture-wicking materials, strategic ventilation and stretch fabrics, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement - perfect for the course.


The influence of golf in casual beachwear is constantly on the rise, as coastal resorts present the opportunity to fuse one’s love of surf, golf and leisure all into one. The Duvin x PUMA Golf capsule provides the perfect uniform for those looking to indulge in a day spent soaking in the sun and a slower pace of life. The collaboration between the brands effortlessly mixes PUMA’s expertise in golf performance with Duvin’s unconventional aesthetics, resulting in a clothing line that appeals to both traditionalists and trendsetters.


Available now on TRENDYGOLF.COM - the collection consists of a colour-blocked quarter zip windbreaker jacket, a classic golf polo shirt, a casual pair of shorts, a reversible bucket hat and the most notable piece - GS-Fast golf shoes. From bold colours to statement prints and performance-driven fabrics, the PUMA x Duvin collection allows golfers to express their style and elevate their game simultaneously.



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